Phonics and Spellings – Mrs Royden

Spelling - Apr 2015Here is the list of this term’s spellings.

Summer Term Year 5 – 6 Spellings – Overview – Apr 2017

Spring Term Year 5 – 6 Spellings – Overview – Jan 2017

This list contains the National Curriculum Year 5 and 6 spelling rules for children who completed the cycle of Year 3 and 4 spellings last year. We will keep practising them, so remember they are important!

Please learn the the words of the list you were given at the beginning of the week because these will be the words you are ‘tested’ on first thing on a Monday morning.

Spellings 2


Click here or on the picture to follow the link to play the games so you can practise this week’s spellings. There may also be games to help you practise your Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings (GPS).

(The link will take you to a folder of games and activities using the TES (Times Educational Supplement) SPaG website)