School Lunch – Menus

School LunchIn January 2015, the School Food Plan was introduced along with the new School Food Standards. The School Food Standards replaced the previous nutrient based standards and formed part of the new legislation “The Requirements for School Food Regulations 2014” which came into force in January 2015.

These Standards are intended to help children develop healthy eating habits and ensure that they get the energy and nutrition they need across the whole school day. Variety is the key, with the provision of a wide range of foods across the menu and throughout the week. Variety means different fruits and vegetables, grains, pulses, and a selection of meat and fish on the menu.

The children’s school dinners are prepared by the Kitchen Staff of Harrold Priory Middle School who also published and designed the three-weekly Menus to meet the requirements of the new School Food Regulations 2014.

For the Menu of the Week, please come into School Reception area where you will be able to view the menus.For further information regarding the new School Food Regulations, please click on the link below

Christmas Dinner - Aug 2015

Christmas Dinner always take place during December. A letter detailing more information is sent home after the October half term holiday so you can book your child’s festive meal.